We Buy Houses

$250 BOUNTY!

WE NEED HOUSES! We are looking for houses that are “For Sale By Owner” (not those which are listed with a real estate agent). We will pay you a Finder’s Fee of $250.00 for each and every home for sale you tell us about that we buy.

Every time you see a “For Sale By Owner” sign in front of a house, please jot down the address and telephone number. Call the information into us and we will contact them. If you know of someone selling their home, please have them call us or give us their number so that WE can call them. Be sure to leave us your information as well.

This will put money in your pocket, as well as help us expand our management base. There is no limit on the number of finder’s fees you can earn! (Be sure to tell us the name of anyone you refer so we can list the referral in your name).