Rent to Own

RENT TO OWN properties are those which you can lease for a somewhat higher rate of rent and actually own the property in only fifteen (15) months. There is absolutely no down payment. After fifteen months you will begin to make your payments directly to the mortgage company on a house that you own. Your payments are on a fixed rate basis so that they never go higher. The only qualifying that you have to do is make your payments on time during the fifteen-month trial period. So long as you do so, you cannot be turned down to buy the home. This program is absolutely the easiest way to own your own home. You can if you wish, start out renting then switch to the RENT TO OWN program at a later date. This allows you to “try before you buy”. However, the fifteen-month trial period for ownership does not start until you actually start your RENT TO OWN lease, so it takes longer to become the owner of the home. Please note that a home cannot be on the RENT TO OWN program and be all bills paid at the same time. Keep in mind that the owner will be giving you title to his or her property with no down payment. The very purpose of the trial period is to assure the owner that you can afford the house payments as well as your own utilities. We have a limited number of properties available on this program. Since one can purchase these homes just as easily as they can rent a home, they typically do not last very long. If you are interested in this program we encourage you to check back with us often for new properties that become available. Contact us to learn more.

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